If open access were the default, cases like mine were obsolete

February 5th, 2016

Greetings friends,

This week a new hearing took place as part of the criminal process against me in Paloquemao court in Bogota, Colombia.

During two days of hearing (February 1st and 2nd/ 2016) the prosecution finished presenting their witnesses and my defense began with our witnesses. We now know that the process will continue in May.

The notice of this hearing was a good excuses to talk once again about the importance of open access and the relationship it has with my case. So I want to thank all the organizations that have supported me; Fundación Karisma, Open Access Button, EFF, Sparc, Creative Commons, all of them rekindled during the last days of campaigns #CompartirNoEsDelito, #StandWithDiego and the global declaration  supporting open access to knowledge that over 24,000 person signed until now.

Also, I want to thank my family, friends and thousands of partners that felt identified with my cause. Until today everything went very well, but as I said, the process continues. It is a long and exhausting process that I have tried to take as another experience in my life.

This situation has not  broken me on the contrary it has strengthened me to fully complete my Masters in Conservation (three years) that it has been escorted by the shadow of this criminal case. I chhose to use this situation as an element  element to shape and refine my life, in both ways personally and professionally. Today, that shadow is just a speck compared to the great challenges that we have preserving our biodiversity and the survival of the species, this concern currently has all my attention and I think we can solve it more easily if we remove barriers to access to knowledge.

Let’s keep saying #SharingIsNotaCrime

Diego Gómez

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