If open access were the default​ ​ rather than the exception

Almost a year and half after sending the first tweet about #standwithdiego we still hear echoes of a campaign that aroused interest in a debate that we have pending in Colombia: the balance that should exist between rights that are in constant tension, copyright and the right of access to knowledge. These echoes still ring through the initiative of the Electronic Frontier Foundation “Let’s stand together to promote open access worldwide” and the support of organizations such as Open Access Button, who has an interesting tool to search academic articles moving in Open Access (It can be install as a supplement in your browser). (From the op ed “Diego Gomez and the importance of the commons“)

Today we need to raise our voices to support Diego. This 1st and 2nd of February (2016) will take place an oral hearing as part of criminal proceedings that Diego is facing. Since the  beginning we belive the best way to support Diego is by highlighting the importance of open access. For this purpose we  prepared this infographic (In Spanish) that you can share freely:





Several months ago Diego decided to release under a Creative Commons license his set of photographs in Flickr dedicated to biodiversity creative license. A beautiful gallery that is already part of the commons we share online.

License your creations. Published in open access.  Support Diego Gomez.

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